Annotation demo using ONKI Mash-Up Component and IRMA Context Browser

Let's assume that you are describing some documents/items/etc. using ontological concepts.
This demo page is a view to your organization's cataloguing system.
The ONKI Mash-Up components in the fields "dc:subject" and "dc:coverage" fields are integrated
into the system by adding only two lines of code.

The component can also be used for annotating with terms from traditional thesaurus.
Thus it's possible to integrate the component to a legacy system, which isn't aware of URIs.

In addition to using ONKI Mash-Up component, the IRMA widget can be used to visualize
the hierarchy of concepts (see demo part 5). IRMA is attachable to any HTML-based
annotation system with JavaScript.


Text field for the title of the item.


Text field for the description of the item.


Field for the visual representation of the item

Demo part 1: fetching ontological concepts


Semantic autocompletion search field for fetching concepts/instances from ontologies.
  • Type some text in the text field to perform a search.
  • By clicking a search result the concept's URI and label are fetched.
  • The ontology used in search can be changed by using the leftmost menu.
  • The language used in search can be changed by using the rightmost menu.
  • The selected ontology can be opened in ONKI Browser by pressing the "Open ONKI Browser" button. In browser the "fetch concept" button can be pressed to fetch the selected concept to the cataloguing system.
  • The label of a fetched concept functions as a link to the HTML representation of the concept.
  • A fetched concept can be changed to another concept by clicking the "change" link next to the concept's label.
  • A fetched concept can be removed by clicking the X-symbol next to the concept's label.

Demo part 2: fetching geographical places


Semantic autocompletion search field for fetching places from geo-ontology.

Demo part 3: legacy application, fetching terms from thesaurus YSA


Semantic autocompletion search field for fetching terms from thesaurus.

Demo part 4: fetching coordinate information


ONKI Geo Map Browser for fetching coordinates.

Demo part 5: fetching ontological concepts using IRMA

Demo includes Iconclass and YSO (Upper Finnish Ontology) ontologies. In this demo only Iconclass concepts are valid for annotation. Iconclass keywords and YSO concepts act as a link to Iconclass concepts. Concept hierarchy is exposed with a mouse click and a concept can be selected with a double click.

See the instructions on how to integrate the ONKI Mash-Up component into your application.

See also a demo of creating metadata conforming to MuseoSuomi metadata schema.

The picture of the toy truck is photographed by Martin Kenny, published under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.