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MedIEQ: Medical Subject Headings - MeSH

This is the six language version of MeSH, mainly used in the MedIEQ project.

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R Gene Products → Gene Products, vpr
R-33812 → Domperidone
R-4-Amino-3-isoxazolidinone → Cycloserine
R-41468 → Ketanserin
r-metHuG-CSF → Filgrastim
R-SK&F 38393 → ...
R-Type Calcium Channel → Calcium Channels, R-Type
R.A.N. Brand of Allopurinol → Allopurinol
R.A.N. Brand of beta-Acetyldigoxin → Acetyldigoxins
R.A.N. Brand of Digoxin → Digoxin
R.A.N. Brand of Tolbutamide → Tolbutamide
R17934 → Nocodazole
R1881 → Metribolone
R2323 → Gestrinone
R38486 → Mifepristone
R41,400 → Ketoconazole
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