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MedIEQ: Medical Subject Headings - MeSH

This is the six language version of MeSH, mainly used in the MedIEQ project.

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k-Strophanthin-alpha → Cymarine
K(+)-H(+)-Exchanger → Potassium-Hydrogen Antiporters
K+ Channels, Ca2+-Activated → Potassium Channels, Calcium-Activated
K+ Channels, Inwardly Rectifying → Potassium Channels, Inwardly Rectifyin...
K+ Channels, Tandem Pore Domain → Potassium Channels, Tandem Pore Domain
Kade Brand of Doxazosin Mesylate → Doxazosin
Kade Brand of Mephenesin → Mephenesin
Kade Brand of Meprobamate → Meprobamate
Kaffir Corn → Sorghum
Kaffir Lime → Citrus
Kainate Receptor → Receptors, Kainic Acid
Kalaallit Nunaat → Greenland
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